Mars® Coat-King horse stripper 60 extra fine


Coat-King horse stripper extra fine for all normally coated horses.
60 special sharpened blades, stainless, approx. 1.5 mm gap, extra fine, noble wooden handle, brush.

Trim and curry the coat of your horse professionally with Coat King!

The application is really simple: Put on the coat with a little pressure and comb out in the direction of growing. Remove the hair into the Coat-King by hand.

ATTENTION: most suitable for sturdy horses - possible to use for covered horses - not to be used for clipped horses!

The brand Mars® stands for firstclass animal care products like Coat-King, trim-knives, scissors and brushes, made of the best materials, and is wellknown since many years for the production of high-quality steel products in Solingen Germany - the famous city of sharp blades and scissors.


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