Teddy HERMANN Teddy thumbsucker gold 18 cm

Teddy HERMANN Thumbsucker gold-coloured 18 cm segemented
Design: Ch. Steinbrenner

Limited Edition: 800 pieces.
In the attached certificat booklet, which confirms the authenticity, you will find the exact number of the limited edition ".../800".
Length: ca. 18 cm, segmented.
You will receive the shown right sitting thumbsucker teddy bear. In the shown picture the sole of the foot and the palm appears blue, but in reality they are brown.

This thumbsucker teddy was made of high quality of mohair plush by Teddy Hermann in Hirschaid Germany, the traditional bear factory. The bears with the red seal "HERMANN Teddy ORIGINAL" are for bear lovers all over the world popular collector's items.

In particular Teddy Bears are no longer just toys for children, but also seeked collector items for adults. Teddy Hermann was one of the first companies to take up this trend. In 1986 for the first time a bear was released in a limited edition. Limited edition bears have particularly high quality standards. They are mostly handmade, are usually made of mohair and filled with wood wool. In order to protect the collectors against counterfeiting, since 1993 all mohair teddy bears from 20 cm length have a seal of cast metal, which is attached with a security lock in the back of the head.

HERMANN Teddy ORIGINAL - 90 Years HERMANN-Bears - The famous Teddies handmade in Germany!


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