ANDY WARHOL 3nd Limited Edition pocket-mirror

Handbag holder with design sticker, motive: "SHOES" of the 3rd Limited Edition

Limited to 3,000 pieces. The limited number xxxx/3000, the text "3rd Limited Edition" and the famous Andy Warhol signature are engraved around the edge on the front side of the handbag holder.

Material: Metal, shiny chrome plated, high polished. Ground with nonslip black pad.
Front side: Motive "SHOES" with the famous Andy Warhol signature.
Diameter of the motive: 3.3 cm, with edge 3.9 cm.
Length of the holder: 8 cm (max.), length of the piece of the holder, where the handbag is mounted: 3.3 cm.
Weight: 68 g.

By 1980 Warhol was ready to revisit one of his favorite subjects, women's shoes. With the Diamond Dust Shoe paintings he was able to combine some of his favorite themes - movie star glamour, high fashion and money.

You will receive the limited handbag holder in the shown Andy Warhol Personal Accessoires gift box. Each item of the Andy Warhol Personal Accessories Collection will be delivered in a gift pack whose design is based on Warhol's original artwork. The provided product manuals contain information about Andy Warhol and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Andy Warhol Artwork and associated marks and logos are trademarks of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts licensed by The Beanstalk Group (UK) Ltd. to TROIKA 2008.


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