HUBERT HERR Cuckoo Clock Hunter on Deerstand

Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock "Hunter on deerstand" with moving hunter and moving wild boars made by HUBERT HERR - Hand-carved - Made in Germany

Typical, very quaint Black Forest house decorated with handpainted flowers, one genuine cuckoo and in the side door a figure as a cuckoo. As a special highlight a moving (!) hunter is sitting on a beautiful carved deerstand in front of the house and directly in front of him are some wild boars, which are also moving (!). According to the size of the cuckoo clock this clock has three large hand-carved wooden weights as cones. The white clockhands and the white Roman digits of the cuckoo clock fit perfectly into the tranquil ambience and form a unity to the very nice decorations of the house. This cuckoo clock stands out not only by detailed carving and attention to detail, but especially through the moving hunter and the moving wild boars, which shape this hunting scene and thus the whole cuckoo clock so vivid.

H: 31 cm or 12 inches.
D: 18.5 cm.
W: 25 cm.

HUBERT HERR cuckoo clocks made in the Black Forest in Germany are worldwide known for the best quality and craftsmanship. HUBERT HERR is the sole producer of cuckoo clocks in Germany, who produces not only the carvings and clock cases but also the mechanical clockworks.

All HUBERT HERR cuckoo clocks are made from solid wood and are guaranteed hand-carved .
In the mechanical clockworks clocks of the finest quality are ticking, driven by weights and thus preserve and show the traditional production of original Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

HUBERT HERR watches are original Black Forest cuckoo clocks - handcarved - "MADE IN GERMANY". The company HUBERT HERR is known for excellent quality made in the Black Forest in Germany.


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