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In our shop You can buy around the clock comfortably by InterNet - simply from at home. Look through our product categories and then click on the product, in which you are interested, in order to receive closer information. You can also usethe input field "search", in order to find products directly. In order to return to the last page, use the "Back"-Button of your Webbrowser.

On the product detail pages You find an input field for the quantity and a switching surface "into the shopping cart". First enter the desired number and then click "into the shopping cart" in order to store the product in your virtual "purchase basket". Afterwards you can shop further and put other products into the shopping cart, or change your order. On some products we sell different variants: Here you must first select the desired variant, for example a certain size or color, before you put the product into the shopping cart.

With the left "on the memo" you can "note" products up to your next attendance, witthout obligation for this however Cookies must be activated. With the function "show memo" You can later have a look at the noted products. Further You can recommend "this product" to acquaintance and friends by mail, if you found a product, which could interest them.

With the function "show shopping cart" you can have a look at your current order. You will now receive an overview of the articles, which put you before into the shopping cart. If you later want to change the order quantity, register into the field "order quantity" the new number and click the button "sums update". If you want to delete a product completely from your order, click on the deletion symbol beside the product. In order to call details of the products in the warenkorb, you click on their names in the shopping cart. If your order is complete, click on the button "proceed to check out".

In the next window select the desired mode of shipment. If forwarding expenses are added, these are indicated here. Mark the desired mode of shipment and click "proceed", in order to arrive at the payment methods. There you decide for a method of payment and click on the button "proceed".

Afterwards the order summary appears, in which your order is represented as an overview. Please examine whether everything is correct, whether all articles and their numbers are correct and whether the desired mode of shipment and payment is ok. You can also see our general trading conditions - short AGB - from this screen, because You have accept these terms before sending the order; by marking the appropriate control box You accept them. Click thereafter on "buy now", in order to complete the order.

Now a new window opens, in which you can enter your personal data. This window is transferred coded by SSL, You recognize this by the small lock symbol at the lower edge of the window. Enter now your personal data - we marked obligatory fields with an asterisk. If you want to indicate a different shipping-address, you can likewise do this in this form. If your personal data for your next purchase are to be stored, activate the function "address data store". In order to use this service, you must have activated Cookies in your Browser. If all data are complete and correct, You can send the order now by clicking on OK. You will short time later receive a confirmation Mail from us.

Please are particularly careful with the indication of your E-Mail address, because we use this in order to get in contact with You. More still: The E-Mail address is your customer number with out company.

some functions in our Shop use Cookies, in order to store data on your computer. You must activate Cookies in your Browser, in order to be able to use these functions. For the completion of the order our shop opens a coded windoww. If you use a Popup blocker software on your PC, you should deactivate this, since you can otherwise possibly not complete the order.

We use cookies that are necessary for the operation of the shop-system, other third-party-cookies are generally not used. By starting the shop you accept the use of our cookies. If you do not want any cookies to be started, you cannot order in this shop. See more