BOEKER titanum kitchen knife - Made in Japan


Grey titanium blade with black synthetic handle.
Total length: 27.5 cm. Length of the blade: 14.5 cm. Weight: 91 g.

The benefits of the BOEKER development of the material titanium:
Cutting better than steel. The blade is produced in the sintering process of titanium powder with admixture of tiny, but unmeasurable hard carbides. The result of the fine karbid throughout the complete structure is better cutting. You can sharpen the knife normally.
Absolute stainless.
Absolute dishwasher-safe.
Disgust bacteria. Titanium create a germs-disgussing oxide layer, which is not known for steel. Titanium is absolutely tasteless and odorless. It caused of the current state of knowledge no allergies.
40% lighter than steel.

Tip: Cut only on wood or plastic inserts. Do not cut on glass, ceramic or porcelain. Both suffer!


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