Japanese chef´s knife Gyuto 65(!)-layers-damask

Japanese Chef´s knife Gyuto - 65-layers damask steel - stainless VG-10-damask blade - Handle made of finest ebony wood

Even large pieces of meat and fish are no problem for this reciprocally polished Gyuto with a blade length of 21 cm. The very attractive and elegant blade made of 65-layers Damask steel is stainless. The core consists of the very high-quality VG-10 steel, on which reciprocally two different steel kinds are alternating up-forged. An acid treatment leads to the fact that the layers from hard material appear brightly and the soft material layers appear matt. The handle made of finest and noble ebony improves this knife styleful. The knife should be cleaned only by hand.

Length of the handle: ca. 11.5 cm.
Length of the blade: ca. 22 cm.
Total length: ca. 33.5 cm.
Weight: ca. 190 g.


349,00 EUR


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