PUMA sharpening-set

Sharpening-Set from PUMA

Scope of supply: Special sharp oil, oil-stone

It works this way:
Moisten with some sharpening oil (and only with the attached sharpening oil!) the attached oil-stone and sharpen the knife. For this you touch down to the thumbs and move against the cut, thus away from itself. After two to three courses you turn the knife and tighten the blade diagonally against the cut on itself. You must have the feeling to cut a thin disk off of the oil-stone. Finally you wipe off the knife simply with a cloth.

An advantage of the oil: Your knife will get not only very sharp, but will also be maintained at the same time, which increases the life span of the blade substantially.

As You do not want to carry a complete sharpening set with You for fishing or otherwise, particularly the handy pocket sharpening steel is suitable for short resharpening outside in nature, which we also offer.

Price is including value added tax and plus forwarding expenses


24,99 EUR


Price is including value added tax and plus forwarding expenses

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