KLAAS folding knife staghorn KISSING CRANES

KLAAS folding knife with handle made of deer horn - ORIGINAL KISSING CRANES KNIFE

Blade made of high-quality steel, stainless.
Handle made of staghorn.
Length of the blade: 9.2 cm.
Length of the handel: 11 cm.
Total length: 20.2 cm.
Weight: 84 g.
You will receive this fine knife in the traditional KLAAS packing.

KLAAS - The tradition manufacturer of fine scissors and knives from Germany with over 170-years experience - founded in the year 1834 - the enterprise KLAAS produces under the world-wide famous brand KISSING CRANES shears and knives, the legendary brand because of its unique design, its sharpness, its high quality, its precise and very careful manual work.


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