Solingen windmill K1 kitchen knife stainless


*** product design award 2007 ***

This kitchen knife is part of the new generation of windmill knives. It has an extended, well-balanced handle for more comfortable handling, especially when you have larger hands. It has the "Solinger Duennschliff" (thin grinding) and is "blaugepliesstet".


Original Solingen Windmill knife K1 - stainless.
Length of the blade: 9 cm, blaugepliesstet, total length: 20.5 cm.
Handle is made of fine plums wood. Not dishwasher-safe.
Weight: 32 g.

The blade:
The blade is "blaugepliesstet" by hand. The "Blaupliessten" by hand is in the traditional Solingen sharpening handicraft the finest treatment of the blade surface. Today this technology is controlled by only a handful of the best sharpeners in Solingen.
By this treatment the blade gets a fine blue glow. The particularly smooth surface also splits hard things very easyly. "Blaupliessten" stands for highest sharpness!

HERDER WINDMILL KNIVES A TRADITIONAL COMPANY FROM SOLINGEN - original Solingen knives handmade - Quality made in Germany Solingen - The famous town of sharp blades.


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