Windmillknife bread knife Grandmoulin UNIKAT



" reddot design award "
winner 2004
" Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2004 "
and many further awards!

The small series of "UNIKATE (very individual item) FROM TRADITION" consists of selected knifes with special history, form and traditional handmade treatment. They have the inimitable handwriting of the manufacturer "windmill".

HANDMADE - not dishwashersafe, stainless

Length of the blade: ca. 23,5 cm, total length: ca. 37 cm!

The blade:
The stainless blade has a strongly swung form, which permits to unroll when cutting. That is particularly very practical with hard crust bread sorts: a few sway and rock movements and the crust is through.
The blade is "blaugepliesstet" by hand. The "Blaupliessten" by hand is in the traditional Solingen sharpening handicraft the finest treatment of the blade surface. Today this technology is controlled by only a handful of the best sharpeners in Solingen.
By this treatment the blade gets a fine blue glow. The particularly smooth surface also splits hard things very easyly. "Blaupliessten" stands for highest sharpness!
The Grandmoulin is 8-mm scalloped. This is enormously and therefore You are able to cut bread very easy. The result is an uncommonly sharp, long-living bread knife.

The handle:

The handle plates consist of fine plum wood. The delivery also consists of a little bottle with wood care oil, which contains Macadamia-nutoil with ethereal lemon-oil. It extends the life of the wood handle and keeps the beautiful color for a long time.

The design:
The knife reflects the characteristic of the "windmill": high functionality, extraordinary combination of wood and steel, modern shaping, intelligent blade forms, inspired from the aesthetics and the form understanding from earlier times!

Supplied in the shown beautiful original gift box including 5 ml wood care oil for the fine plum wood handle.

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Price is including value added tax and plus forwarding expenses

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