Windmill knife Flachschmieder kitchen knife


The Solingen blade flat-forger Rudolf Broch has forged this blade in the traditional way in freehand in cooperation for the Windmill manufacture. He is the last man in Solingen, who is able to forge in this way. Unfortunately flat-forging belongs to the already sunken professions.

To highlight this special craft and hopefully to revive it, the windmill factory has manufactured this knife together with the blade smith Rudolf Broch. The knife is therefore a special kind of message maker, it shows both the details of the old kind of forging, as well as the traditional grinding techniques of the Windmill such as Solinger Duennschliff (thin grinding) and blaupliessten.

The shape of the knife was developed specifically for the forging hammer. The knife is forged by hand, cut, drilled and ignited of bladesmith Roland Broch personally. The advantage of a with many strokes carefully hand forged blade is the denser microstructure which can be reached primarily in the cutting area. Such a knife is distinguished by high durability and a high sharpness.

After the hardening the blade is "blaugepliesstet" by hand. The "Blaupliessten" by hand is in the traditional Solingen sharpening handicraft the finest treatment of the blade surface. Today this technology is controlled by only a handful of the best sharpeners in Solingen. By this treatment the blade gets a fine blue glow. The particularly smooth surface also splits hard things very easyly. "Blaupliessten" stands for highest sharpness! Then the knife gets the fine selected walnut wood plates. Then it is finely smoothed and oiled. The handle is riveted with four brass rivets.

Material: not stainless steel, not dishwasher safe.
The blade is made of carbon steel with 1.1% carbon and has a hardness of 60/61 HRC (Rockwell hardness). At the transition from blade to handle is a small step - the typical sign for flat forged knife. Consciously we have left a part of the blade with a black scale. This is to emphasize the typical difference between knives, which are forged in a forging die.

Total length: 27 cm.
Length of the blade: 14 cm.
Length of the handle: 13 cm.
Weight: 134 g.

You will receive this fascinating knife in a beautiful gift box with leather sheath including windmills information booklet and 5 ml Ballistol care oil for blade and walnut wood handle.


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