Windmillknife knife bird´s beak short handle

The original Herder kitchen knife / bird´s beak MADE IN SOLINGEN GERMANY

Material: the handle is made of noble beech wood. Non-stainless carbon steel. Not dishwashersafe.
Length of the blade: 5.5 cm.
Length of the handle: 9.1 cm, this legendary "short" handle (the traditional form) is no longer produced since May 2011, but we have still some pieces for You on stock!

The original Herder bird´s beak is a classical knife, which is polished and sharpened by hand. The curved extremely sharp blade is ideal for the peeling of vegetables, potatoes and fruits. This handmade knife is very sharp, just in the opposite to machine manufactured knives.
This knife is also called the original "Solinger Zoeppken"; hereby the company Herder, which produces as one of the last manufacturers their knives by hand in Solingen / Germany - the town of the world's best knives and scissors, attained world fame.

Blade made from not stainless carbon steel (advice: buy the "Solingen windmill knife care set", too)

HERDER WINDMILL KNIVES A TRADITIONAL COMPANY FROM SOLINGEN - original Solingen knives handmade - Solingen knives


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