Manicure case EKS® SOLINGEN 4 pieces nappa leather

Manicure case, 4-pcs., fine nappa leather case from EKS® SOLINGEN GERMANY - Quality made in Solingen the world-famous blade town

Stainless Inox Instrument:
The use of stainless steel has the dual benefits of reducing wear to a minimum and guaranteeing long-lasting sharpness. Nonrusting Inox instruments are anti-allergenic and can be sterilised. They have the highest standards for professional use.

The nappa leather EKS® manicure case contains 4 high-quality EKS® Instruments made of stainless steel:
1 naile scissors spire-point, bent, inox, length: 9 cm.
1 nail skin knife, length: 9.5 cm.
1 tweezers, slanted, length: 9.5 cm.
1 Sapphire nail file, length: 10 cm.

The case is made of high-quality orginal pleasantly soft nappa leather and is processed very clean.
Dimension of the case: 11.5 cm x 5.6 cm x 2.3 cm.
Material: nappa leather, colour: black.
Weight of the case: 76 g.

EKS® Solingen - Since 40 years, manicure instruments with best quality made in Solingen Germany. High performance CNC machine production guarantees for perfect precision to the smallest detail.


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