CERENA SOLINGEN hairdressing scissors Raindrops


Total length of the scissors: 14.3 cm / 5.5 inches

The special features of the Cerena model Raindrops
• Material: High-qualitiy steel, stainless
• These scissors have an extremely durable finish through a complex foil transfer process by the design RAINDROPS land on the scissors
• Perfect cutting and slicing with a razor-sharp scissors.
• Hairdressing scissors with ergonomic design. The short thumb handle relieves the thumb and provides a relaxed attitude.
• Individually handmade hairdressing scissors.
• Rubber stoppers made of soft plastic.
• Genuine, adjustable screw.
• Removable fingerrest.
• Delivery in decorative gift box.

If you choose a Cerena hairdressing scissors, you will receive a SOLINGEN quality product that is designed with the latest technology, exclusively manufactured by experienced professionals with the highest degree of care. You will enjoy the high-quality processing, the exact finish and the very ergonomic form a long time, you will love it.

Cerena - Quality made in Solingen Germany.


89,90 EUR


Price is including value added tax and plus forwarding expenses

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