Gunex 2000 care oil long-term conservation 50 ml


The Six Star Multi-Purpose Super Oil

- Cares and protects metals from corrosion
Displaces water from the metal surface
into finest fissures
Cleans all types of mechanics
Lubricates rubbing surfaces
Does not resinify or polymerize

Gunex 2000 is free of silicones and does not contain CFCs nor chlorinated hydrocarbons. No ozone depleting potential.
The ideal longterm conservation of blank metallic parts even in extreme climatic zones (- 50°C up to 100°C) This oil creeps between metal and moisture, infiltrates hairline cracks, cleans, keeps surfaces smooth, does not get sticky or resinify either. Gunex 2000 - the incredible allround multipurpose oil for industry, handicrafts, workshops and housholds.
Industry and Crafts:
Protection, preservation and maintenance of tools, fine-mechanical instruments, measuring instruments, moulds and stamps in all climatic zones, also in tropical regions. Ideal for the interim storage or the transport of semi-finished or ready-made parts of steel or iron indoors as well as outdoors.
Hunting, Shooting, Fishing:
Removes residue of gunpowder and tombac, keeps mechanisms smoothly working in rifles, guns and revolvers, maintains and preserves. Resins and improper oils are dissolved, grooves and surfaces become shining again. Recommended for the maintenance of fishing rods, telescopic tubes and reels.
Well-proved with all kinds of machinery and tools in the heavy-duty use of forestry and agriculture; preserves, maintains and keeps all movable parts smoothly functioning. Simply excellent for tractors, trailers, circular mowers, hayturners, sowing and harvesting machines. Gunex 2000 provides long-lasting rust protection even in wet weather conditions.
House and Gardening:
Gunex 2000 maintains, protects and keeps everything in top shape, which might be screeching, creaking or seizing. Be it doorlocks, hinges, bicycles or motorbikes - everything keeps working smoothly and reliably, becomes maintained and preserved. In gardening Gunex 2000 serves to maintain and preserve hose reels, hedge and edge shears, lawn mowers, picks rakes and spades.
Cars & Motoring:
With creaking, squeaking and arresting hinges, bushings, sleeves, boot locks, screwed joints etc.. Keeps doorlocks from freezing in, dissolves resin and dirt from the coat of paint, protects metal and chrome parts against corrosion for a long time. Keeps contacts with batteries and ignition devices clean, moisture gets removed, and surface leakages are avoided. Furthermore, Gunex 2000 is an excellent oil for the chains of motorcycles.
Protects and maintains reels, winches, movable parts, bare metal, screwed joints, hoists and pulleys in any kind of condition, be it saltwater or salty air. Ideal for winterizing boats and ships.

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