Klein & More Shin Nippon Gunte glove Monogram

Klein & More Shin Nippon Gunte working glove "Monogram"

"Shin Nippon Gunte" – the modern working glove made in Japan -
conquered also Europe now! Because "Gunte" is cuddly, is made of synthetic fibres and has the stuff to become a fashion accessory with cult character!

The white, rubber anti-slip surfaces provide solid grip. Because "Gunte" is very popular, the people want no longer be separated from it and turn the page with the simple prints from inside to outside. Already, "Gunte" is ready for leaving home.

The glove, for its design the Japanese graphic designer Masao Kurozimi is responsible, is created in various funny and beautiful print designs, always in the classic color combination of black and white.

• Design: Masao Kurozumi 2005
• Material: Sturdy synthetic fibres / rubberized anti-slip surfaces.
• Colour: Black-white.


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