Zippo Airlift Memorial Limited Edition

AIRLIFT MEMORIAL " DIE HUNGERHARKE " to the memory of the air lift before 50 years - Limited edition of 1998

Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide. You will receive No. 856 of 2000 pieces.

Chrome high polished.
Text on the Zippo:
"DIE HUNGERHARKE", which is also shown on this zippo lighter.

The airlift of Berlin stands for the supply of West Berlin from air by the westallies in the period about June 1948 until May 1949 during the Berlin blockade by the Soviet army.

The air lift monument is a sculpture of 1951, created in Berlin at the place of the air lift directly before the airport Tempelhof after plans of Eduard Ludwig (1906-1960), which reminds of the Berlin air lift with its victims. The citizens of Berlin called it also hunger rake or hunger claw (Die Hungerharke).

The three round columns ("claws") stand for the three air corridors between West Berlin and the tri-zone at that time (later Federal Republic of Germany). The inscription at the round base reads: "Sie gaben ihr Leben für die Freiheit Berlins im Dienste der Luftbrücke 1948/1949". (in english: They gave their life for the liberty of Berlin in the service of the air lift 1948/1949). Then follows a list of all victims, their names and titles.

You will receive this very rare zippo lighter in the shown silver colored box, inside insert with black vlour.

Size: ca. 13.5 l x 4.5 cm h x 8.5 cm b


249,00 EUR


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